Friday, November 30, 2012


Dear Mum and Dad, trying to work harmoniously with others was a goal I took with me to Piha Mills Camp.

I enjoyed learning how to make tents with simple gear with my group. It taught me skills to use if I am stuck in the bush. Archery, Poles+Planks and Orienteering were activities that gave me the chance to work with the people in my team and get to now them better. get to Poles+Planks and Orienteering showed how much teamwork I had.

Our walk to the waterfall was fantastic. I enjoyed listening to the babbling sound of the water. I enjoyed swimming in the shivering water too.

Our visit to the Piha beach was amazing. The view was beyond beautiful. It was my first time seeing Lion Rock. I enjoyed making my own sandcastle of Rangitoto Island. It was an opportunity for me to be by myself and show my peers I am capable of working independently.

Overall I enjoyed showing off my volley ball skills, getting to know each other better, working alongside with different people, sleeping in the tent with Lavinia, Robbie and Dorothy and in the Dorm with the rest of the girls, eating delicious meals, pranking people but overall it was a great experience being at a different and fun place than home.

Mum and Dad, I am proud to say that I achieved my goal. I managed to work harmoniously with my peers and especially the people I just got to know more about. :-)

Persuading the Board of Trustees about Camp!

I beg you on bended knees, please continue the camp for the year 7 and 8 students every second year. It is unfair that you stop it as the previous years there has been camp. Look at all the childrens faces showing how much they want to experience being at camp.

This gives the children an opportunity to communicate with people they haven't worked with and to continue here back at school. It allows them to do fun activities they don’t usually do. 
Please Board Of Trustees, let the camp continue, give them the chance. Thank You.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Binoculars are visual instruments used by people. It has a lens for each eye. 
It points correctly in the same direction allowing people to use their eyes when seeing objects far and near.

Binoculars regularly come in two main designs. There is the Roof Prism, and the Porro Prism design. They are both similar to each other. They help the viewers when birdwatching, wildlife viewing and at sporting events, but they both have their negatives and positives.

I enjoy using binoculars. They are very helpful, useful and handy to carry around. Now there are more advanced objects like Binoculars called telescopes. I wonder what it’s like to use a telescope?

French, Week 1, Term 4

Today for French I have been recapping on what I've learnt last term by using a website called Babbel. I learnt the formal way to greet someone and the informal way too. The new word I learnt today that refers to greeting in French is BIENVENUE. Bienvenue means WELCOME.

Here is a screenshot of my Babbel home page.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Saint Pius X

Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto.
Saint Pius X grew up being poor.
He had a humble heart.
He was a brave and appreciative man.
 He devoted himself to God.
Saint Pius X was the eldest of 9.
He liked to lead mass.
Happy with his family.
He needed nothing more but a life of happiness,
and to be around his family.
He encouraged Holy Communion.
He was born in Italy.
His last name is Sarto.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reflection for Week 6

On Friday 24 August of Week 6, Room 7 were each given a 'caught being good' and was asked to write down what virtue each person has been showing. I wrote down the virtue of Commitment. 

This week I have been showing the virtue of Commitment especially in the Mass preparations.
I was committed to conduct and lead the choir for the feast day of our school and farewell mass of Mrs Koloti.

Week 6 was such a busy week, with the mass preparations leading on with the musical evening preparations and netball tournaments all covering up most of our learning time. However I sure enjoyed Week 6 of Term 3.