Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning Tea!

On a hot Monday morning the noisy, annoying bell rang two times. After the bell rang me and my friends rushed to our bags to get our delicious lunches. I ate a packet of nutricious shapes and a juicy apple.
When I ate all my lunch I went to the courts to play kingball. When the game started everyone ran everywhere. I never got out in kingball because I kept jumping high like Ofa. I was having a lot of fun. When more people were getting out, they were getting good at getting people out. It was so hard when other kids were playing other games like basketball and touch. Whn the bell rang, I tried to run out, so I can be safe. When I ran out I tried to push through others because they were all bunched up like a big crowed ball. When I made it out I sprinted fast to line up. I was hot, seaty and exahusted.
What a great Day!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Time To Run, Play and Chant!

The weather was cold it was like somebody was in a freezer and the wind was blowing the leaves off the trees like a tornado.
Straight after our school mass, we all came back to class to get ready for athletics. When we came to class, Miss G told us we could get changed into our athletics gear. When I was all dressed I sat down peacefully.

Suddenly the bell chimed through my ears, like I was listening to something really noisy. Next I went outside to play king ball in the tennis courts. No one was playing so I popped over to the field where the running lanes were. Some kids were running around and some were racing each-other. I was feeling bored, so I asked Ofa for a race. We came a tie.

The moment finally arrived. I was getting nervous more and more. My heart was beating like I can’t breathe. First race was the 5 year old’s. When it was time for the 10 year old’s I got up slowly like an old lady. Bang the blocks went!!. Yay I was coming first. Later on in the heat race I came second. I was really happy with what I came. After lunch it was time to start the novelty races. We played fun games like a wheelbarrow race and a marble on a spoon.

Athletics then came to an end. Geckos won, “Hooray” Geckos shouted, chanted, yelled, and screamed. My ears were getting really sore. It was hometime, so I walked with Ofa to her house.
What a fun tiring experience I had.