Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goldilocks and the Police

The Year 6's have worked very hard on their drama this term.  This group adapted the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.   Not bad seeings as all the equipment used was brand new and the first time any of us had ever used i-movie :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

An Emotional Day

Standing on the stage, quivering uneasily Angelica’s eyes glimmered like glitter with nervousness as her words were stuck in her throat.

As Angelica arrived at Hoyts Cinema at Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani Film Festival she was feeling nervous. The Manaiakalani Film Festival is an event when the Tamaki schools combine together as a cluster to watch each others movies and to see what each other have been learning about.

Angelica was filled with anxious feelings because she had to present her classes movie to a lot of schools and a lot of people. At the same time she as filled with excitement because she was going to be on display. She got to stay at Sylvia Park for a very long time and she got to watch every movie that other schools put together.

Before heading for the stage Angelica hoped that her presenting would go right. When she stepped on the stage she headed in a smooth direction with her presenting getting better and better each time. After that she then felt two other different emotions which were “HAPPINESS and PROUDNESS” because she hoped everything would go well and it did.

Apart from Angelica’s classes film she was entertained by.... “Jandle Man” which was well put together by a class from Panmure Bridge. Jandle Man is about Jandle Man’s mother Jandolo telling us more ways jandles can be used. Angelica also enjoyed watching “Be Kind To Your Neighbour” because it taught Angelica to love her neighbour, whatever nationality or religion people are they will always be united in God’s Family and that all human beings were brought up in a different and special way.

As Angelica left the cinema it felt like leaving the airport because it was time to go back home. There was one thing Angelica was struggling to understand which was that the night session was still coming up. That was one thing she had to look forward to when she got home.
Angelica will try not to ever forget representing room 6 from Saint Pius X School at the 2010 Maniakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park, Hoyts Cinema.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Different Beginning, A Different Middle And A Different Ending....

My movie is about 3 different things that are united as one piece of writing. Now I'm going to give you a clue about my movie.

The Beginning: The Beginning is about my reflection and evaluation of last term which is Term 3.The Middle: The Middle is about a celebration which I attended to in the holidays.
Last But Not Least........
The Ending: The Ending is all about what i'm expecting at the end of this year.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What I've Learnt In Music

In music we learnt how to be a dj for a radio show.

Our music teacher Mrs Carter decided to get us into groups of 3 and pretend to be fantastic dj's of Saint Pius X.

I enjoyed being a dj because it's something new for me and it's something fun and enjoyable.

For my group I'm the dj, Lavinia is the news reporter and Tokilupe is the weather reporter.

Here's Our Radio Show.........

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nobody Else, But All About The Life Of Justin Bieber

One cold night at home I was feeling bored so, I decided to write something about Justin Bieber to display on my blog. I thought that instead of posting it on my blog just like that I thought that I should make a slide show.

The very next day at school when it was time to do draft writing I quickly rushed to Miss G and asked her to teacher conference my piece of writing. Straight after that I asked Miss G if I could make a slide show.

Now that I've finished I want to share it with you all....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Do I Wash My Hands?

During class in writing time we learnt how do instructional writing. What we did was write instructions about washing hands. Instead of just displaying it on my blog like in a story, I decided to make it into a movie..............."DO YOU KNOW HOW TO WASH YOUR HANDS PROPERLY?"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is sweet, it’s good for a treat, I like chewing all the time, I feel quite angry that chewing gum at school is a crime.

I love bubble gum
I love it a lot
I love it’s stickiness
I love the way it goes S.P.L.O.T

I love blowing bubbles as big as I can
I love bubble gum
I’m a bubble gum fan.!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Big Win For Silver Ferns

“Come on Maria Tuataia shoot a goal in!!!”

As I laid down on my bed all warmed up in my comfortable blanket I was going to go to sleep. Suddenly my mum yelled and shouted at the top of her voice with a blast, “Angelica and Seini netball”. We were so excited so we jumped up and hurried to the living room. As we rushed to the living room there was a man that was singing Jamaica’s National Anthem. Next it was time to sing our National Anthem so a huge choir went up and sang.

The game begun, it was Jamaica’s ball so they passed and passed the ball to the side their goal post was settled. Next it was our ball so we passed the ball over to the other side to shoot a goal in.

At first Jamaica was leading because we weren’t defending really well, Maria Tuataia wasn’t shooting well and they rushed as they passed the ball like maniacs.

BLOOP!, BANG!, BOOM!. It suddenly was a big difference because we started to defend well, Maria Tuataia started shooting well and they kind of still rushed when they passed the ball to each other but it was better than the way they passed a few minutes ago. I was so happy so I cheered loudly like I was at a rugby game cheering for the All Blacks.

My eyes were filled with happiness because they were playing better than before. I couldn’t believe it because Jamaica's goal shooter was as tall as a tree and she wasn’t shooting very well. I was also amazed because our score was in the 50’s and Jamaica’s score was around in the 30’s.

It then came to an end, so I cheered back to my bed happily ready to go to sleep this time.
(sleep tight, try not to let the bugs bite

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wild, Crazy Insects In The Jungle.

Yesterday during media studies time we were going to do more choreography.
This time instead of doing a dance routine with a group we were going to do one together as a class but also do one in a group and instead of Miss G making up the funky moves we had to make some up too but in a group. It felt a bit weird and strange because we had to dance like insects.

The video that is on display right now is a video that my classmates and I made. The song we are dancing to is the song that is from the movie Eclipse by the one the only 'Muse'!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy........

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mini Music Video

We had 30 minutes to practise our rhythm work. We used that time trying to work with the rhythm of a favourite song. We struggled a lot at first and didn't get it totally perfect, but we didn't do to badly! Here's one of the takes that we did......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Responsibility Acrosstic Poem

R: Rejoice in hope

E: Encourage others to be good learners

S: Say nice things to others

P: Pray for those who need our prayers

O: Obey your parents

N: Never back down

S: Show others you are responsible by working together

I: Irrisponsible people don't lead you anywhere

B: Believe in yourself

I: In whatever you do, do it from your heart

L: Love each other

I: Independent learners can be responsible for their doings

T: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Y: You should always have faith in yourself

Here's a music video that the 2008 year 8's made for the virtue of RESPONSIBILITY.
This music video inspired me to do as I'm told and to follow our school rules.

If you are not responsible and you never show the virtue of responsibility you better check this out because I am telling you, your gonna love it.
Heres what it looks like!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Duffy Theatre

“Growing Information Across The Nation”

Straight after lunch the whole school headed over to the hall to see a “Duffy Show”.

I was really excited like I was at Rainbows End because I had a little feeling that the show would be interesting and exciting. Before the show started they gave us instructions and rules to follow and they introduced themselves with good and loud expression. Their names were Tons, Chanel and Duffy. The show then started so Duffy popped over behind the huge book and got changed. Next he came back out and started chatting away to Chanel and Tons not knowing that we were behind him waiting patiently like self controlled students.

As he turned around to face us he felt surprised that we were just staring at him like we were robots and that bad people sent us there to kidnap him.

Later on Tons and Chanel vanished. Suddenly they came back out wearing island clothes and singing their voices out loud like a dogs bark to a Samoan song. At the same time Tons was dancing and Chanel was playing the guitar. As soon as the song ended they asked Duffy to spin the colourful wheel. Every time the wheel was spun Tons would take out a piece of paper that would give Duffy an opinion of what he could be in the future.

Duffy’s first option was Doctor and Nurse, so they asked a student to come up and be their patient, so Fetuli went up with happiness in her eyes. Duffy’s next option was sports star. This time they didn’t need a helper but they did need communication. Suddenly it was time for Duffy’s last option which was Chef. For their act they pretended to make a meal. I then had a time of laughter because Duffy did the Krusty the clown laugh and he sounded just like Krusty.

We all helped them by imagining that we have oranges in our hands and throwing it inside the pot. Next Tons and Chanel asked Duffy to open up the box and it would tell Duffy what he could be when he grows up. As he opened up the box, inside it had a huge sign that said ANYTHING, so that meant that Duffy could be anything he wanted in the future.

Before it came to an end they asked us if we would like to ask them questions. They kindly answered every question that was nicely asked.

Finally it came to an end, so Shaianne stood up and said a Thank You speech that was on the whole schools behalf. She was also thanking them for performing us a great show for us.

What a “Occupation Exploration” day we had.

My Highlight was when Duffy did the Krusty the clown laugh, He made me burst into laughter

Friday, July 23, 2010


One day during last Term Ofa entered the "Firewise Mad Movie Challenge" for our writing group. As the bell rang Miss G dismissed everyone else but she asked our writing group to stay seated on the mat. Suddenly with a blast she told us that Ofa entered the firewise mad movie challenge for studio 2, so we needed to film a movie that was only 3 minutes, it had to have the dialogue " Come On Guys Get Firewise" and we had to use the firealarm that they sent us. We were all amazed and excited. Before we had to film we had to write our script, storyboard what we had done and present it to Miss G. It was then time to film so the actors that were going to be in the movie needed to start bringing their pyjamas to school so we could get started. Now I'm going to break down some parts of our movie and tell you a little about it. Our movie is about Alex and Daisy's father whose off to work in the morning but is also taking a nightshift, so Alex decides to have a sleepover with her 2 besties Danielle and Olivia. Later on Daisy starts to make a big racket so Alex sends Daisy off who is only 7 years old to make popcorn for her and her besties to eat. Next all of the characters start to forget about the popcorn and just keep playing games not knowing that the popcorn is on FIRE. Suddenly the firealarm goes on and they all start panicking. But how will they be firewise??????

..........Pick us STUDIO 2........PLEASE!!!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Tummy Beast

This photo that is appearing is a storyboard that my classmates and I have been doing. My storyboard illustrates parts of a poem called The Tummy Beast written by Roald Dahl. We have been reading alot of fantastic poems written by great imaginative poets, like On the Ning Nang Nong, The hampster on a skateboard and lots more enjoyable ones. This storyboard is about a little boy who thinks a beast is inside his tummy, so he goes ahead and moans to his mother and tells her the story. I was so surprised when we read this poem because I thought that Roald Dahl was only a book author but he is also a poet too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

This video is about me talking about my favourite thing this term.
My thing this term was singing together with alot of talented schools and Suzanne Prentice.
Check this out.......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sit Back, Relax And Get Ready To Sing Songs For The KIDS 4 KIDS CHOIR FESTIVAL!

Yesterday a whole bunch of schools combined together and sung songs with smiles on their faces.
As the curtains settled away some students were looking for their parents, teachers and some were waving at the audience. It was now time to start. Before the curtains opened Mat spoke on the microphone and gave instructions to the audience to follow and welcomed Dan (who was controlling the sound), Brett (who was our conductor), Jaydyn (who organised everything for us) and our special guest Suzanne Prentice. There were more people in the crowd than students who were going to sing.
We sang alot of songs that made the audience proud.I was so nervous and scared because I was going to sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by myself in front of more than 100 people. When it was time for me to sing, Suzanne asked me to come up to the front and sing my solo. As I got up to sing I got stagefright because everyone was staring at me like I did something wrong. When I sang my last part of the song everyone clapped. Waterlily sang too, she nearly made Miss G cry.
After we sang 'Let It Be' Suzanne showed us a movie to promote World Vision. It was also about a girl named Elizabeth who visited people that don't have the things we have right now and who need our help. I felt very sad but at the same time I wanted to sing more songs before our half time break, so we sang Heal the World. That was a great song that suited the movie because it was all about the world and was kind of meaning that if God can Heal the people who has nothing we can try too.
Next Suzanne asked the parents that when they went into the foyer you could look at the photos of the people who wanted to get helped. After that it was time for our break so the curtains closed and each row got off the stage. Starting off with row 1 ect.
On our break some kids were playing hand games, running around, talking to eachother and eating a little snack. Next Chris our choir teacher gave out coloured snakes to us. Later on it was time to get back on the stage, so we did the same thing before we started. When we were all ready the curtains settled back again. It then came to an end so we all headed off the stage. Next I went outside to look for my Parents. Suddenly I saw Miss G and Waterlily so I walked over to them. When Miss G saw me she cuddled me and said that I sang really good, so I thanked her and kept trying to find my parents. After that I finally found my Dad so I walked to him.I told him that lots of people were saying that Waterlily and I sang really well. When we left my Mum bought me, my siblings and my cousin M'c Donalds because we were all starving.
What a great pleasure to sing with lots of talented schools.

Friday, June 11, 2010


It's Time to go Music Everybody!!!!
Every Wednesday and Thursday we have music at school. Sometimes we don't because our Music Teacher Mrs Carter is maybe busy or is feeling sick. Each class gets time on Wednesday or Thursday to sing songs and play music with Mrs Carter.
We have music in our new Multi-Purpose-Room. We also have music groups which are Choir, Marimba, Ukulele, Guitar and Recorder. The choir group works really hard to learn the words for their songs for their CHOIR FESTIVAL that is coming up very soon. The other music groups are having festivals as well but they are happening in October and November. I am in the Choir and Marimba group which is really fun.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning Tea!

On a hot Monday morning the noisy, annoying bell rang two times. After the bell rang me and my friends rushed to our bags to get our delicious lunches. I ate a packet of nutricious shapes and a juicy apple.
When I ate all my lunch I went to the courts to play kingball. When the game started everyone ran everywhere. I never got out in kingball because I kept jumping high like Ofa. I was having a lot of fun. When more people were getting out, they were getting good at getting people out. It was so hard when other kids were playing other games like basketball and touch. Whn the bell rang, I tried to run out, so I can be safe. When I ran out I tried to push through others because they were all bunched up like a big crowed ball. When I made it out I sprinted fast to line up. I was hot, seaty and exahusted.
What a great Day!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Time To Run, Play and Chant!

The weather was cold it was like somebody was in a freezer and the wind was blowing the leaves off the trees like a tornado.
Straight after our school mass, we all came back to class to get ready for athletics. When we came to class, Miss G told us we could get changed into our athletics gear. When I was all dressed I sat down peacefully.

Suddenly the bell chimed through my ears, like I was listening to something really noisy. Next I went outside to play king ball in the tennis courts. No one was playing so I popped over to the field where the running lanes were. Some kids were running around and some were racing each-other. I was feeling bored, so I asked Ofa for a race. We came a tie.

The moment finally arrived. I was getting nervous more and more. My heart was beating like I can’t breathe. First race was the 5 year old’s. When it was time for the 10 year old’s I got up slowly like an old lady. Bang the blocks went!!. Yay I was coming first. Later on in the heat race I came second. I was really happy with what I came. After lunch it was time to start the novelty races. We played fun games like a wheelbarrow race and a marble on a spoon.

Athletics then came to an end. Geckos won, “Hooray” Geckos shouted, chanted, yelled, and screamed. My ears were getting really sore. It was hometime, so I walked with Ofa to her house.
What a fun tiring experience I had.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome And Enjoy My Work

Malo'e' lelei everyone. On my blog you will see creative, marvellous and wonderful work.
I hope you enjoy my writing.
I am so thrilled.
Before you leave my blog please drop me a comment.

Ka Kite Ano Everyone.