Friday, May 25, 2012

Reflection for Maths, Week 5

During this week I have been learning to use multiplication to solve addition and subtraction problems where common factors can be found. It was quite hard for me to understand it but I managed a little with the willing help of Mrs Tui and Miss Anderson.
Here is an example.
e.g. 24 + 27 + 22 + 28 = 4 × 25  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tweety falls down

There was a little bird named Tweety. She fell out of her nest and onto the ground. Tweety cried and cried, but no one heard her. Just then Earl the squirrel came and suggested that she should try climb the tree. Tweety tried but she couldn't get any grip on the tree. Suddenly Mat the cat came and said to Tweety she should try flapping her wings. Tweety flapped her wings and to her amazement she started to fly up into the sky. She landed safely into her nest and chirped happily. Tweety was relieved. She lived happily ever after.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Reading Circle, Week 3

TITLE OF THE BOOKThe Boy From Nowhere
PEOPLE IN THE GROUPAngelica, Robertanna, Fatai, Vililatai
ROLES: Discussion Director - Vililatai
Wild and Crazy Word Finder - Fatai
Selection Director - Angelica
Summary Director - Robertanna

Write four to six questions about what you have just read. These questions will be used for group discussion during the next reading session. Think about the question helpers in the box below.
Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
Details? Inferred? What if? Opinion?

1. What is this chapter about? Bella

2. Where does Stephen and his family go?
Kelly Tarltons

3. What does Bella try and do to Stephen at Kelly Tarltons? She tries to kidnap him.

4. What does the Hanham family decide to do when they hear Stephen is going to Kelly Tarltons? They decide to go too and try and investigate who is this
Boy From Nowhere.


Find four to six interesting, powerful or tricky words from today's reading. Write them below along with the page number. Use flags to mark those words. You will be asked to share those words during our next guided reading meeting.

Intrigued- to be curious in what you do,
Seances- communicating with spirit,
phenomenon-  a fact or situation that is observed,
Poltergeists- A mischievous ghost
brusquely-a action or words that are made in haste

Selection Director
Pick the most interesting part to read to your group during our next guided reading meeting.

The Boy From Nowhere/ Chapter 3
Pages to read: Whole Chapter/
Pages 36 to 52
WHY ? To understand the whole story from beginning to end you must read each chapter to make your way through the book and to have a fair idea of what the story is about.
Summary Director
Write two to three paragraphs summarizing the chapter or today's reading. Use the chart that guides you through summarizing.
Chapter 3 summarises more about the unfamiliar voice who suddenly talks to Stephen. The voice says it’s name is Bella. She tells Stephen to go with her. She tells him she has a present for him and all of this must be a secret. Stephen believes Bella and tells her that he is going Kelly Tarltons with his mum and grandma. He

tells Bella he is going to Kelly Tarltons but what he doesn’t know is that he just made a wrong choice because Bella is up to no good. Stephen arrives to Kelly Tarltons.
“No, No, leave me alone”, Stephen yells.
I wonder what’s happening ????

My Special Mother

I nominate my mother to receive the award because she loves reading and she encourages me to read.She wants me to read as it will open up a lot of possibilities in life.  Reading will help me be qualified like her.
My mum has inspired me that is why I love her. She cares for me. Makes sure I have a good education. My mum is a great gift and I thank God for the gift of mothers.

Happy Mother's Day Mum! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

John Chapter 21. John Chapter 21 tells us how Jesus appeared to his disciples the 3RD time.
One day a few of his disciples went out fishing. Simon Peter believed that he could catch some fish, but he caught none. A man then appeared to them. Simon Peter knew it was the Lord. Jesus told them to cast the net to the right side of the boat. They as what Jesus had suggested. As they cast the net to the other side there were too many fish.
As said before, this was the third time Jesus appeared to his apostles.

During Religious Education we have learned a new strand for the term. We have been learning more about Easter. Easter is a very special and important event. It is when Jesus rose again from the dead. We need to remember that Jesus is with us now and always. He is our guide through spirit.
                                              Here is my title page for our Easter strand. 

My Holiday

During my holidays, I went to the community holiday programme. It was held in the parish hall. I was leading the games, with the willing help of Sefo and Olalini. I was Halamehi’s assistant.

After prayers, we got started. “Listen up everyone”, I yelled. “Leaders, 8 little kids for Cat & Mouse”. “Quick, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” I gasped. Both teams were settled. They were ready to start. “On your marks, get set, GO”, Sefo and Lini shouted. Simeone ran as fast as he could. He tried to escape from the Crazy Smurf runners. Crazy Smurfs, struggled to get him out. Both teams cheered. They chanted so loud, my ears were so sore.

Time came by. We played more games. We played Dodge ball, Jockeys and many more fun games. Both teams became true competitors. Tick Tock, went the clock. It was lunch time. Halamehi dished out the food and handed it out. “ You can play after your finish guys, I shouted. “45 minutes to play”.

Time passed quickly. “5 minuted to go guys”. The clock striked 1:30. “Everyone inside now”, I screamed at the top of my lungs. When everyone was inside, I could see sweat dripping down peoples foreheads. I said to myself, “Gross”.

Next we played more games. People got more sweaty and exhausted. As time passed, it was time to end the day. To end the day off, we said prayers. Straight after prayers, everyone walked their directions, heading for their next destinations. “Bye guys”, I yelled.

Margaret Aylward

My First Basketball Session