Friday, October 28, 2011

During Maths time this week, I have been working on Mathematical website. My activity was about Division.

Mr Hohepa bought 20 Easter small eggs.
He kept 1/4 and gave the rest to Mr Hohepa, Joe and Mima to share equally.

a) How many did he give away altogether?

20 divide 4 = 5. So the answer is 5

I was confident at Level 2 and 3 but I struggled a little at Level 4.
I am hoping that I make progress.

It was a fantastic day.
Last Saturday 15 October, I went to a Carnival with my cousins and sister. The carnival was held at the Glen Innes shopping centre. I was excited. I couldn't wait to watch my brother's band perform. A musical, fun and happy day was ahead of me.

Arriving to the carnival, boredom struck straight away. I didn't' expect the carnival to be so dead like this. I wanted to go home. Surprisingly, enormous banners were in the air. I was getting suspicious. "Is it starting?" I looked over someone's shoulder. To my surprise, I saw my friend Anita and Agnes walking with their Sunday school. A lot of cultures performed, such as, Samoans, Tongans and several more.

4:00 came. Sweet Release from Sacred Heart College was now ready to perform. Hooray, Brendan’s performing I yelled and cheered to my cousins. WOW, my sister replied. Their first 4 songs that were sung were covers and last 2 were originals. I enjoyed them a lot. Boredom was forever gone.

It was 5:45. Light was slowly fading. OMG, OMG, J Williams, my cousin shouted loudly. OMG, I gasped, K-one too. I was thrilled to see them. I couldn't believe my eyes. J Williams and K-one were going to perform to us. I was excited. The carnival turned out to be what I expected. They performed to us She's A Killer, Jump and many more songs. They entertained us heaps. People were jumping, screaming and yelling. It seemed and felt like a real concert.

Jumping, screaming, fun and music came to an end. It was time for J Williams and K-one to go. I ran up to J Williams to shake his hand, but 2 security guards stopped me. While J Williams was with another fan, Catherine and I begged him to come our direction. As he came to us we shook his hand. I pulled his hand like I was playing tiger war. 2 security guards didn't even try and stop me. I was surprised.

6:30, time to go, my sister bellowed. We all walked back home, sweaty and exhausted. While walking home, Catherine and I couldn't wait to tell the whole world, we touched J Williams. My cousins and sister were annoyed at our childish behaviours. What a spectacular day we all experienced.