Friday, September 23, 2011

My Maths Reflection for this week

During Maths time this week I have been learning about problem solving.
I learnt a easier and simpler strategy.


Jane has 48 carrots in 4 bags.
How many carrots in each bag?

10 X 4 = 40
2 X 4 = 8
40 + 8 = 48


Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Friday our whole school celebrated the feast day of our patron saint, Saint Pius X. The celebration began with a whole school mass followed by the Talent Quest after the morning break. The bell rang for the end of the break.

Class by class entered the hall. Everyone was seated. The talent quest begun.
"WHAT'S UP, ST PIUS, Welcome", our MC's, Lavinia and Robertanna chorused out.
"First up we have Room 4 singing for us a class song", Lavinia announced.
The talent quest continued. More items were still to come.
"Next up Joshua will now sing to us, I Wanna Go by Britney Spears. Little Joshua walked up to the stage. Being the DJ, I carefully pressed the start button for his song to begin. Joshua started to sing. He was so brave. I really admired him.
Suddenly his voice began too wavey. Tears rolled down. He had stage-fright.
His tears were like raindrops. He became emotional. I felt for him.
Justine Toumaua sprang up to the stage. He started dancing around. What great support. Other students joined Justine. I joined in and sang with Joshua. The whole school clapped and sang along. What great spirit. The song ended. Joshua was so courageous to stand up and sing to everyone. More songs and dances continued as the talent quest went on. I really admired the way everyone supported little Joshua. That’s what make us all so special of being at St. Pius X school.

To end our special day, everyone had fish and chips for lunch. Everyone waited in their classrooms for the Fish and Chips to arrive. "hmmmm, What's that smell", I said. "Yay, it's the Fish and Chips". It was great to have it for a change.
I am looking forward for the feast of St Pius X celebration next year.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

What I learnt today in Religious Education

Today during Religious Education I learnt that Jesus is the good news.

He came as a human being to show us who God is.