Friday, November 19, 2010

An Emotional Day

Standing on the stage, quivering uneasily Angelica’s eyes glimmered like glitter with nervousness as her words were stuck in her throat.

As Angelica arrived at Hoyts Cinema at Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani Film Festival she was feeling nervous. The Manaiakalani Film Festival is an event when the Tamaki schools combine together as a cluster to watch each others movies and to see what each other have been learning about.

Angelica was filled with anxious feelings because she had to present her classes movie to a lot of schools and a lot of people. At the same time she as filled with excitement because she was going to be on display. She got to stay at Sylvia Park for a very long time and she got to watch every movie that other schools put together.

Before heading for the stage Angelica hoped that her presenting would go right. When she stepped on the stage she headed in a smooth direction with her presenting getting better and better each time. After that she then felt two other different emotions which were “HAPPINESS and PROUDNESS” because she hoped everything would go well and it did.

Apart from Angelica’s classes film she was entertained by.... “Jandle Man” which was well put together by a class from Panmure Bridge. Jandle Man is about Jandle Man’s mother Jandolo telling us more ways jandles can be used. Angelica also enjoyed watching “Be Kind To Your Neighbour” because it taught Angelica to love her neighbour, whatever nationality or religion people are they will always be united in God’s Family and that all human beings were brought up in a different and special way.

As Angelica left the cinema it felt like leaving the airport because it was time to go back home. There was one thing Angelica was struggling to understand which was that the night session was still coming up. That was one thing she had to look forward to when she got home.
Angelica will try not to ever forget representing room 6 from Saint Pius X School at the 2010 Maniakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park, Hoyts Cinema.