Friday, August 27, 2010

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is sweet, it’s good for a treat, I like chewing all the time, I feel quite angry that chewing gum at school is a crime.

I love bubble gum
I love it a lot
I love it’s stickiness
I love the way it goes S.P.L.O.T

I love blowing bubbles as big as I can
I love bubble gum
I’m a bubble gum fan.!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Big Win For Silver Ferns

“Come on Maria Tuataia shoot a goal in!!!”

As I laid down on my bed all warmed up in my comfortable blanket I was going to go to sleep. Suddenly my mum yelled and shouted at the top of her voice with a blast, “Angelica and Seini netball”. We were so excited so we jumped up and hurried to the living room. As we rushed to the living room there was a man that was singing Jamaica’s National Anthem. Next it was time to sing our National Anthem so a huge choir went up and sang.

The game begun, it was Jamaica’s ball so they passed and passed the ball to the side their goal post was settled. Next it was our ball so we passed the ball over to the other side to shoot a goal in.

At first Jamaica was leading because we weren’t defending really well, Maria Tuataia wasn’t shooting well and they rushed as they passed the ball like maniacs.

BLOOP!, BANG!, BOOM!. It suddenly was a big difference because we started to defend well, Maria Tuataia started shooting well and they kind of still rushed when they passed the ball to each other but it was better than the way they passed a few minutes ago. I was so happy so I cheered loudly like I was at a rugby game cheering for the All Blacks.

My eyes were filled with happiness because they were playing better than before. I couldn’t believe it because Jamaica's goal shooter was as tall as a tree and she wasn’t shooting very well. I was also amazed because our score was in the 50’s and Jamaica’s score was around in the 30’s.

It then came to an end, so I cheered back to my bed happily ready to go to sleep this time.
(sleep tight, try not to let the bugs bite

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wild, Crazy Insects In The Jungle.

Yesterday during media studies time we were going to do more choreography.
This time instead of doing a dance routine with a group we were going to do one together as a class but also do one in a group and instead of Miss G making up the funky moves we had to make some up too but in a group. It felt a bit weird and strange because we had to dance like insects.

The video that is on display right now is a video that my classmates and I made. The song we are dancing to is the song that is from the movie Eclipse by the one the only 'Muse'!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy........

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mini Music Video

We had 30 minutes to practise our rhythm work. We used that time trying to work with the rhythm of a favourite song. We struggled a lot at first and didn't get it totally perfect, but we didn't do to badly! Here's one of the takes that we did......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Responsibility Acrosstic Poem

R: Rejoice in hope

E: Encourage others to be good learners

S: Say nice things to others

P: Pray for those who need our prayers

O: Obey your parents

N: Never back down

S: Show others you are responsible by working together

I: Irrisponsible people don't lead you anywhere

B: Believe in yourself

I: In whatever you do, do it from your heart

L: Love each other

I: Independent learners can be responsible for their doings

T: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Y: You should always have faith in yourself

Here's a music video that the 2008 year 8's made for the virtue of RESPONSIBILITY.
This music video inspired me to do as I'm told and to follow our school rules.

If you are not responsible and you never show the virtue of responsibility you better check this out because I am telling you, your gonna love it.
Heres what it looks like!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Duffy Theatre

“Growing Information Across The Nation”

Straight after lunch the whole school headed over to the hall to see a “Duffy Show”.

I was really excited like I was at Rainbows End because I had a little feeling that the show would be interesting and exciting. Before the show started they gave us instructions and rules to follow and they introduced themselves with good and loud expression. Their names were Tons, Chanel and Duffy. The show then started so Duffy popped over behind the huge book and got changed. Next he came back out and started chatting away to Chanel and Tons not knowing that we were behind him waiting patiently like self controlled students.

As he turned around to face us he felt surprised that we were just staring at him like we were robots and that bad people sent us there to kidnap him.

Later on Tons and Chanel vanished. Suddenly they came back out wearing island clothes and singing their voices out loud like a dogs bark to a Samoan song. At the same time Tons was dancing and Chanel was playing the guitar. As soon as the song ended they asked Duffy to spin the colourful wheel. Every time the wheel was spun Tons would take out a piece of paper that would give Duffy an opinion of what he could be in the future.

Duffy’s first option was Doctor and Nurse, so they asked a student to come up and be their patient, so Fetuli went up with happiness in her eyes. Duffy’s next option was sports star. This time they didn’t need a helper but they did need communication. Suddenly it was time for Duffy’s last option which was Chef. For their act they pretended to make a meal. I then had a time of laughter because Duffy did the Krusty the clown laugh and he sounded just like Krusty.

We all helped them by imagining that we have oranges in our hands and throwing it inside the pot. Next Tons and Chanel asked Duffy to open up the box and it would tell Duffy what he could be when he grows up. As he opened up the box, inside it had a huge sign that said ANYTHING, so that meant that Duffy could be anything he wanted in the future.

Before it came to an end they asked us if we would like to ask them questions. They kindly answered every question that was nicely asked.

Finally it came to an end, so Shaianne stood up and said a Thank You speech that was on the whole schools behalf. She was also thanking them for performing us a great show for us.

What a “Occupation Exploration” day we had.

My Highlight was when Duffy did the Krusty the clown laugh, He made me burst into laughter