Monday, October 15, 2012


Binoculars are visual instruments used by people. It has a lens for each eye. 
It points correctly in the same direction allowing people to use their eyes when seeing objects far and near.

Binoculars regularly come in two main designs. There is the Roof Prism, and the Porro Prism design. They are both similar to each other. They help the viewers when birdwatching, wildlife viewing and at sporting events, but they both have their negatives and positives.

I enjoy using binoculars. They are very helpful, useful and handy to carry around. Now there are more advanced objects like Binoculars called telescopes. I wonder what it’s like to use a telescope?

French, Week 1, Term 4

Today for French I have been recapping on what I've learnt last term by using a website called Babbel. I learnt the formal way to greet someone and the informal way too. The new word I learnt today that refers to greeting in French is BIENVENUE. Bienvenue means WELCOME.

Here is a screenshot of my Babbel home page.