Thursday, April 5, 2012

Retreat, Leadership Role

What a view.

Arriving to the St Francis Friary, Retreat Centre, I was amazed at the beautiful view. The trees, bushes and plants were as colourful as the rainbow.
We were greeted by Brother Philip. He welcomed us and directed us to a room where we all gathered together. Instructions were given and rules were put in place. I knew straight away that my 2 days and 1 night stay here was going to be a great time for me.

Brother Phillip then asked us to assemble in the chapel. We had a quiet prayer time. We reflected on ourselves as leaders of the school. Brother Phillip then gave each of us a notebook. Our notebook was more of a diary. This was a notebook that only God and I could look at. During prayer time we each lit a dedication candle. I dedicated my candle to my family.
Prayer time came to an end. We were then led to a room upstairs which was called our meeting room.

Time went by. Mrs Tui and Joanne led us to our rooms. I quite fancied the room. It was just right for me. I packed my stuff away quickly and hurried back to the meeting room. We played a few activities. I enjoyed it a lot. We had to walk around the room and ask 3 people a question that was on a piece of paper we each had. I had to ask 3 people if the have won a prize in raffle.
I managed to find my three.

Day 1 was slowly coming to an end. It was sleep time. I felt a bit homesick. I missed my family so much that I wanted to go back home. Lavinia was feeling the same way as me. She asked me if I wanted to sleep with her since we’re both homesick.

Our time had come to an end. I just wanted to stay one more night. Although I was homesick at first, the time flew by fast like a cheetah running to its prey. However, what a trip to begin my leadership role this year.

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