Friday, June 11, 2010


It's Time to go Music Everybody!!!!
Every Wednesday and Thursday we have music at school. Sometimes we don't because our Music Teacher Mrs Carter is maybe busy or is feeling sick. Each class gets time on Wednesday or Thursday to sing songs and play music with Mrs Carter.
We have music in our new Multi-Purpose-Room. We also have music groups which are Choir, Marimba, Ukulele, Guitar and Recorder. The choir group works really hard to learn the words for their songs for their CHOIR FESTIVAL that is coming up very soon. The other music groups are having festivals as well but they are happening in October and November. I am in the Choir and Marimba group which is really fun.


  1. I can tell you really enjoy your music, Angelica.

  2. Angelica, You write in the same way that you speak, with wonderful enthusiasm!! :) St Pius is very lucky to have a special music teacher like Mrs Carter and I can tell you have fun with choir and marimba. I look forward to reading more of your writing :)