Friday, June 18, 2010

Sit Back, Relax And Get Ready To Sing Songs For The KIDS 4 KIDS CHOIR FESTIVAL!

Yesterday a whole bunch of schools combined together and sung songs with smiles on their faces.
As the curtains settled away some students were looking for their parents, teachers and some were waving at the audience. It was now time to start. Before the curtains opened Mat spoke on the microphone and gave instructions to the audience to follow and welcomed Dan (who was controlling the sound), Brett (who was our conductor), Jaydyn (who organised everything for us) and our special guest Suzanne Prentice. There were more people in the crowd than students who were going to sing.
We sang alot of songs that made the audience proud.I was so nervous and scared because I was going to sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by myself in front of more than 100 people. When it was time for me to sing, Suzanne asked me to come up to the front and sing my solo. As I got up to sing I got stagefright because everyone was staring at me like I did something wrong. When I sang my last part of the song everyone clapped. Waterlily sang too, she nearly made Miss G cry.
After we sang 'Let It Be' Suzanne showed us a movie to promote World Vision. It was also about a girl named Elizabeth who visited people that don't have the things we have right now and who need our help. I felt very sad but at the same time I wanted to sing more songs before our half time break, so we sang Heal the World. That was a great song that suited the movie because it was all about the world and was kind of meaning that if God can Heal the people who has nothing we can try too.
Next Suzanne asked the parents that when they went into the foyer you could look at the photos of the people who wanted to get helped. After that it was time for our break so the curtains closed and each row got off the stage. Starting off with row 1 ect.
On our break some kids were playing hand games, running around, talking to eachother and eating a little snack. Next Chris our choir teacher gave out coloured snakes to us. Later on it was time to get back on the stage, so we did the same thing before we started. When we were all ready the curtains settled back again. It then came to an end so we all headed off the stage. Next I went outside to look for my Parents. Suddenly I saw Miss G and Waterlily so I walked over to them. When Miss G saw me she cuddled me and said that I sang really good, so I thanked her and kept trying to find my parents. After that I finally found my Dad so I walked to him.I told him that lots of people were saying that Waterlily and I sang really well. When we left my Mum bought me, my siblings and my cousin M'c Donalds because we were all starving.
What a great pleasure to sing with lots of talented schools.


  1. What a great recount of your day and how you felt. I think there were more than a 1000 people in the audience. I love it when you put lots of 'feeling' words into your writing. Well done both for singing and for writing so much about it so quickly.

  2. Angelica, Thank you for writing about last night with such thought and honesty. I really admire the courage it takes to stand up in front of all those people and sing so beautifully :) As you attend more of these concerts, your confidence will increase and it WILL become easier.
    I like the way you have let us know about the purpose of the concert; by describing both the movie about World Vision(and how it made you feel) and the appropriateness of the song that accompanied it. Great writing Angelica.