Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Big Win For Silver Ferns

“Come on Maria Tuataia shoot a goal in!!!”

As I laid down on my bed all warmed up in my comfortable blanket I was going to go to sleep. Suddenly my mum yelled and shouted at the top of her voice with a blast, “Angelica and Seini netball”. We were so excited so we jumped up and hurried to the living room. As we rushed to the living room there was a man that was singing Jamaica’s National Anthem. Next it was time to sing our National Anthem so a huge choir went up and sang.

The game begun, it was Jamaica’s ball so they passed and passed the ball to the side their goal post was settled. Next it was our ball so we passed the ball over to the other side to shoot a goal in.

At first Jamaica was leading because we weren’t defending really well, Maria Tuataia wasn’t shooting well and they rushed as they passed the ball like maniacs.

BLOOP!, BANG!, BOOM!. It suddenly was a big difference because we started to defend well, Maria Tuataia started shooting well and they kind of still rushed when they passed the ball to each other but it was better than the way they passed a few minutes ago. I was so happy so I cheered loudly like I was at a rugby game cheering for the All Blacks.

My eyes were filled with happiness because they were playing better than before. I couldn’t believe it because Jamaica's goal shooter was as tall as a tree and she wasn’t shooting very well. I was also amazed because our score was in the 50’s and Jamaica’s score was around in the 30’s.

It then came to an end, so I cheered back to my bed happily ready to go to sleep this time.
(sleep tight, try not to let the bugs bite

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