Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wild, Crazy Insects In The Jungle.

Yesterday during media studies time we were going to do more choreography.
This time instead of doing a dance routine with a group we were going to do one together as a class but also do one in a group and instead of Miss G making up the funky moves we had to make some up too but in a group. It felt a bit weird and strange because we had to dance like insects.

The video that is on display right now is a video that my classmates and I made. The song we are dancing to is the song that is from the movie Eclipse by the one the only 'Muse'!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy........

1 comment:

  1. Hi Angelica

    I love the introduction you wrote for this video. You really have a 'way with words' :)

    You, Phoenix, Lavinia and Ofa are very successful as a team of dancers. The way the four of you danced together was great but I love how each of you got to do your own dance in the "spotlight" too.